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Kevin Murrin

Kevin Murrin
Title: Deacon

I grew up in Cleveland, Parma actually, and am a huge fan of all Cleveland Sports. I was married on my birthday in 1997 and ordained a Deacon in 2016 (not on my birthday). Like most deacons in the diocese, I work in the private sector.  I spent a lot of time in school and eventually earned a Ph.D. from Ohio State in Political Science and still love to read and study. 

I have been married for 20 years and have 4 wonderful Children.  Our oldest went off to college in 2017, which means I am really old.  I spend most of my free time reading, but my indulgence is that I brew beer, very dark beer.

What I like most about Resurrection is the energy and vitality of the parish, from its music ministry to its fish fry to celebrating the holidays, our Parish is a dynamic community where I feel the Holy Spirit is alive and well.  I enjoy teaching and working with those preparing for the reception of the sacraments, specifically, the sacrament of marriage.