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Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts
Title: Bookkeeper
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Chris has been with the Church of the Resurrection for the past eleven years.  Chris is from a family of 13 children, originally from Pickerington.  She now lives in Ashville (just north of Circleville) with her husband Mike.  She has four children, two daughters and two sons.  Both her sons serve in the service, Zach is an Army Ranger and her son Cody serves in the Navy. She also has three grandchildren which she helps watch on her days off.  Chris loves spending time with family and scrapbooking.  You might know Chris, not just as our bookkeeper, but she has built the Vacation Bible School set for eight years now and seems to just have that artistic talent which she loves to use.  

It has been a joy working for the Church of the Resurrection and getting to know the parishioners.  I feel blessed and thankful every day for where God has put me.