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Abby Porr

Abby Porr
Title: Secretary
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Abby Porr has been a staff member at Church of the Resurrection since 2010. After graduating from New Albany High School, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Otterbein College (now known as Otterbein University). She has taught private piano and voice lessons over the years, but is not doing so currently so she can spend more time with her husband, Eric, and their son, Sam.

A lifelong Cleveland Indians fan, Abby enjoys attending baseball games with her family. She also enjoys reading, playing piano and mandolin, camping and hiking, and playing geeky board games with her husband and friends.  She is very passionate about caring for the environment and promoting sustainability awareness. To her, there are few things more important than being a good steward of the earth and protecting and preserving our planet for future generations.

Abby is a born and raised Catholic, and has been singing in church choirs for her entire life. Having the opportunity to share her knowledge of music and passion for Jesus has been one of the biggest blessings in her life. She still can’t believe that she gets to make music for the Lord for a living!