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Parish Pastoral Council
  • Parish Pastoral Council

  • About the Parish Pastoral Council

    The responsibility of the pastoral council members is to act as stewards of the parish mission and to advise the pastor on practical matters of parish life.The council studies matters brought to its attention, reflects on them thoroughly, evaluates them and draws sound conclusions. The council presents these conclusions to the pastor of parish life in the form of recommendations.

    This threefold task of the council—investigating, considering and recommending conclusions—is called pastoral planning. 

    • Council Members


      Marise Petry

      1st Chair

      Ed Woodman

      2nd Chair

      Al Hannum

      3rd Chair

      Fr Jim Csaszar Pastor

      Suanne Gettings

      Associate Pastor

      Bob Burnkrant Valerie Coolidge Susan Crum

       Jim D'Amico

      Joy Dancer

      Cara Dovell

      Youth Rep.

      Neil Horn Leon Milnes Michael Ridgeway