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Young at Heart
  • Young at Heart Seniors Ministry

    • The Young at Heart mission encourages friendships, fellowship and involvement in senior activities that advance member enrichment, entertainment, social and religious fulfillment.

    • About Our Group

      Joining Young at Heart, if you are age 55 or older, is an enriching, educational and pro-active experience that is right for you.  Each month you are welcome to join with us at First Friday Mass and breakfast, also at a fun-filled luncheon or at an occasional off-campus event.

      • After Mass, the First Friday breakfasts (each month), provide an opportunity to chat with others, to eat home-cooked potluck food, and to experience a true sharing experience. 
      • The luncheons, on the third Wednesday of each month (September through May), are casual and engaging.  They are potluck style and always include delicious food and desserts. Joining with us you will experience senior togetherness in an easy friendly atmosphere. The luncheons programs also feature guest speakers, activities, or special holiday treats. 
      • Group outing events are designed for your enjoyment and can include excursions, day-long events, or attendance at a variety of entertainment venues.


    • Frequently Asked Questions

      What benefit in belonging to Young at Heart is there for me?

      Associating with fellow seniors, sharing common social, community, religious experiences and values. 

      What is the cost and the time commitment?

      Costs? None.  There are no dues, fees or formal appeals.  The time? The Mass and breakfast on First Friday starts in the Chapel at 9 am with a free potluck breakfast available following in the Ministry Center.   The luncheons, also free of charge, start at Noon and last ‘till approximately 2:15 pm. 

      Joining Young at Heart demands a lot of my time, right?

      No.  Only as much as you personally want to give, to be involved in and wish to take part.

      Is Young at Heart an activity that runs all year?

      Each month all year First Friday Masses and breakfasts are available. Monthly luncheons are held from September through May. Other activities including local or area tours and day-long trips; some occasional events also take place during the summer months. 

    • Leadership Team

      Tom Kolda, General Chair

      George Schneider, Assistant General Chair

      Frank Barone, Chair, Travel/Transport 

      Toni Carozza, Chair, Membership/Hospitality

      Marie Ditillio, Emeritus Chair

      Barb Flanagan, Chair, Luncheon Programs

      Suanne Gettings, Chair, Finance, Pastoral Liaison

      Renee Ihle, Chair, Decorations

      Mary Immer, Chair, Prayerful Greetings, Resources

      Gail Kolda, Administrative Assistant

      John Lesosky, Culinary Coordinator

      Dale Maxwell, Chair, Breakfast Programs, Sports Venues

      Martha Smith, Young At Heart Welcome


      Deacon John DuPrey, Young At Heart Chaplain


    • Young at Heart Happenings

      You Won't Want to Miss These Events!


      MARCH 18, WEDNESDAY, MONTHLY LUNCHEON. NOON TO 2 PM. MINISTRY CENTER. Program: Linda Price LaFever. Piano & Flute. Vocalist and flutist with numerous bands including Nelson Riddle and Les Brown. Appearance with symphonies, at night clubs and concerts in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Appeared with popular artists, singers and entertainers nation-wide over the years. Last names with the following letters please bring 8-10 servings to share: Bread or Desserts-L-P; Vegetables – Q-Z; Casseroles – A-D; and Salads-E-K. Raffle.

      MARCH 30, MONDAY, EXEC. COMMITTEE MEETING. 1 PM. Ministry Center. Rm 103.

      • APRIL 3, FIRST FRIDAY, 9:00 MASS, OLR  CHAPEL at CHURCH with Birthday Blessings for ARPIL.  Breakfast afterwards at Ministry Center.  Please bring 8-10 servings of your favorite April spring breakfast to share.

      APRIL 15, WEDNESDAY, LUNCHEON AND KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY plus Hat Contest! NOON TO 2 PM.  MINISTRY CENTER. Annual horsey and hat contest hosted by Judy and Dave Lovell. Last names with the following letters please bring 8-10 Derby dishes to serve/share: Bread or Dessert E-K; Vegetables L-P; Casseroles Q-Z; and, Salads A-D. Ladies, be sure to wear your Derby best chapeaus!  No raffle.

      APRIL 27, MONDAY, EXE. COMMITTEE MEETING.  1 PM. Ministry Center. Rm 103.