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Intercessory Prayer Ministry
  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry

  • "All Christians are called to be intercessors. All Christians have the Holy Spirit in their hearts and, just as He intercedes for us in accordance with God’s will, we are to intercede for one another.

    This is not a privilege limited to an exclusive Christian elite; this is the command to all. "

  • About Our Ministry


    Intercessory Prayer is an essential part of our faith life.

    Our prayer ministers are very active in praying for the needs of others individually and as a community. It is life changing yet requires very little time and can be done at your convenience. 

    Formerly known as the 'Prayer Chain', our group receives prayer requests by way of email, telephone and this website. We quickly get the word out to our, over 100, prayer partners to begin to pray and spread the word to others.

    We do not look for reward when we intercede, and yet it comes, simply because we have taken a moment to solicit God's help in behalf of someone who may not even know we have called their name in prayer. It has been wonderful to see the great power of this communal prayer, both in answered prayers and in the increase of individual participation.

    Won't you please consider praying with us? You will be richly blessed by doing so!