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Contemporary Folk Group
  • The Contempory Folk Group

    • 'When we sing, we pray twice!'

      -St. Augustine

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      The Contemporary Folk Group members use their talents and gifts that God has given to invite and lead the congregation in song each Sunday at Mass. Our parish is blessed to have a congregation that actively participates in the liturgy through music and prayer. The choir and parish family are one body of voices singing praise to God.


      Come Sing With Us!

      No Prior Experience is necessary and there are NO tryouts!

      Please don’t be worried about your musical background! All people with a desire to praise and worship God through music are welcome.

      We sing a variety of music, primarily from our hymnal, Gather Comprehensive (GIA Publications) or the Misselette (WLP), but are not limited to these publications. 

      Our group is made up of vocalists who sing both unison and SATB compositions. We have a full compliment of instrumentation.

      The members of the Contemporary Folk Group are a diverse group of people with many challenging work schedules, as well as personal and family commitments. It is not always easy or possible to be at rehearsal, but members make every effort to be at practice promptly as scheduled. We rehearse on Thursday evenings from 7pm-9pm in the church or Our Lady of the Resurrection Chapel.

      The Holy Spirit is calling you!


      Abby Porr - Contemporary Folk Group

      • 614-855-1400
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    9:00 Contemporary Folk Group

    Future Liturgy Schedule

    August 2018











    2nd Communion



    18th Sunday in Ordinary Time



    All the Earth Proclaim God’s Glory (G#552)

    Psalm 78:

    The Lord gave them bread (R&A)

    Change Our Hearts (G#394)

    All Who Hunger (G#820)


    All the Ends of the Earth (G#520)


    19th Sunday in Ordinary Time



    Sing of the Lord’s Goodness (G#547)

    Psalm 34: Taste and See


    I am the Bread of Life (G#828)

    Eat This Bread (G#838)


    You Are the Voice (G#549)


    20th Sunday in Ordinary Time



    Gathered As One (M#285)

    Psalm 34: Taste and See


    You Satisfy the Hungry Heart (G#815)

    Take and Eat



    Halleluya! We Sing Your Praises (G#562)


    21st Sunday in Ordinary Time



    A New Song (G#530)

    Psalm 34: Taste and See


    The Summons (G#700)

    Without Seeing You (G#844)


    We Will Serve the Lord



    Gloria:.............................. Mass for a New World (Haas)

    Gospel Acclamation:.... Alleluia, Word of God (Farrell)

    Mass Parts:..................... Mass of Renewal (Gokelman/Kauffman)