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Niche Statuary
    • Resurrection Ambulatory Niche Statuary

  • Church of the Resurrection received a private donation to create and install original artwork for each of the four nich­es located on either side of the main worship space in the church.

    The purpose of the artwork is to educate, inspire, and draw the viewer into a closer relationship with our Lord. With the parish feast day being Easter, four scripture passages were selected as representative events of the Easter season. 

    - Mary at the Tomb, John 20:1-18

    - The Road to Emmaus, Luke 24:13-32

    - Doubting Thomas, John 20:19-29

    - Pentecost, Acts 2:1-4

    Bronze was selected as the medium for the project.The choice of bronze provides a continuity of media and spiritual unity with the main sculpture of the risen Christ behind the altar. Each niche has a bas relief reflecting the backdrop of the scriptural passage.

    Two statues in the foreground of each niche provide the scriptural focal point.

    Please stop by the niches to enjoy these works of art and reflect.