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Ministry of the Wild Goose
  • Join Us for an Unforgettable Lenten Journey

    • The ancient Celtic people saw the Holy Spirit, not as a hovering white dove, but as a “wild goose” because they saw how the Holy Spirit has a tendency to disrupt and surprise. 

      The Holy Spirit moves in our lives in an unexpected fashion, similar to the actions of a wild goose.

    • Discover the Holy Spirit who has been revealed to us by Jesus Christ and who leads us to our heavenly Father.

      Join Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR in this incredible 14-part video series which is awakening God’s love and transforming power in the hearts of all who participate. 

      Each session focuses on an attribute of the Holy Spirit, and a practical application on how to respond to the Holy Spirit with testimonies of people from across the country whose lives have been impacted by the Spirit of God.

    • Session Topics

      Week Topic
      1 God's Love Poured Out
      2 The Breath of God
      3 Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire
      4 The Spirit and Our Lady
      5 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
      6 The Spirit of the Eucharist
      7 The Spirit of Adoption
      8 The Spirit and the Sacraments
      9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
      10 The Spirit and the Desert
      11 The Spirit Convicts
      12 The Spirit's Freedom
      13 The Spirit Gives Witness
      14 The Spirit Remembers


    • Cost: $15 to cover the cost of the study guide.

    • Check Out the Study Guide Here


      Virtual (Online) Small Group Sessions

      We are excited to bring a new way to participate in our Faith Formation Offerings to appeal to those who cannot attend the sessions in person!

      • The Wild Goose Series will be the first time that we offer this ground-breaking delivery method which will enable you to use your computer or smart device to participate from ANYWHERE!
      • The virtual (online) groups will be small with only about 6 people.  
      • You will participate using a computer with a browser or smart device with an app,  and a good connection to the internet.  
      • The facilitator will lead the group in thought-provoking, interactive discussions, scripture readings and reflective prayer.
      • Times will be made available to better meet your busy schedule.