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Adult Choir Guidelines
ࡱ> @B? [bjbjxx ."[ DD,:,,,,Z\\\\\\$a x,, ,,ZZ,][.F0, ?  l D d: CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION * 11:00 Adult Choir * GUIDELINES Rehearsals- are held Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00. Locations alternate between the church sanctuary and the Day Chapel. During rehearsals we will be working on the upcoming Sunday line up as well as pieces for future use. If you cannot attend a Sunday Mass, please make every effort to still come to Thursday practice. Sundays- Please allow enough time to socialize, organize your music, warm up and prepare yourself for your ministry. We meet at 10:30am in the Day Chapel. At this time we do a run through of that mornings music. Attendance -If you cannot make a rehearsal or Sunday Mass, please let me know via voice mail (855-1400 ext#1018), or email  HYPERLINK "" This information helps me with music planning. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Pencils!!- Please always have a pencil!!!! (I have been known to change my mind, so include an eraser.) Music Folder and Gather Hymnal- You will be given a 3 ring binder and a choir edition of the Gather Hymnal. Mass parts should be a permanent part of your folder. Please refer to the Weekly Music List for other permanent and current music as well as music to be turned in. A Future Liturgy Sheet is available and lists upcoming music. This will assist you in organizing and practicing your music. Both of these can be found on the parish website ( HYPERLINK "" Psalmists and Cantors The psalmist and cantor are very important parts of our Music Ministry. The psalmist proclaims sung Sacred Scripture while the cantor invites the congregation to fully participate in our sung liturgy. These ministries are open to all who would like to participate. Simple training and study is required. Music When we have completed a piece, please dont hold onto it! File it in the appropriate folder in the choir bin (a complete list of music to be filed can be found on the Jeff Hayes Sheet.) (contd) Website Please visit our website at  HYPERLINK "" This site is a valuable resource for choir audio files, Future Liturgy Sheets, Weekly Music Lists, schedules, and information about the choir. Phones- Please do not use cell phones (including texting) during rehearsal. This is distracting and disrespectful to those around you. Choir Conduct Please do not leave any items in the choir area, (i.e. cups, paper clips, tissues, pencils, Liturgy Sheets, etc.). During Mass, remember that the choir area is directly adjacent to the altar. Movements, gestures or conversations can be distracting to the congregation. Please be sure that your attire at Mass is appropriate for worship. Thank you for your gifts of time and talent to this Ministry, and your parish community! in Christ,  3>?IJKPv  3 8 C G ` a b m ˺~zvhhhGIh2hyzOJQJh0(h"mCJaJhyzCJaJhQ|=hV( h"mhyz5>*CJ OJQJ\!h2hyz5>*CJ OJQJ\h"mhyzCJaJhyz6OJQJ]hyzCJ(OJQJh"mhk-CJaJhyz hyzCJ0,3>? ` a b t u v () $a$       * G J q t u v  & (   p ʿʿޜژޔޜޜh h *CJ OJQJ\!h2hyz5>*CJ OJQJ\h0(h"mCJaJhyzCJaJhV( hh+>hyzhV( hyz>*hh6&0Jh6&jh6&U. Z[ab'().0  0˽~z~vkgvXFgBhn;"hk-hk-5>*CJ OJQJaJ h"m5>*CJ OJQJaJ hk-hQ|=hQ|=CJaJhQ|=h"mhHu "hHu hHu 5>*CJ OJQJaJ "h2hHu 5>*CJ OJQJaJ hQ|=\ h^\ hV( \h^h^\h^5>*CJ OJQJ\!h2h^5>*CJ OJQJ\%h0(h"m5>*CJOJQJ\aJhyz5>*CJOJQJ\aJ01TUcdeq  UX{̾ڶګ}rnch0(hCJaJhhhV( CJaJhk-hV( h+>!h2hV( 5>*CJ OJQJ\!h2h+>5>*CJ OJQJ\h0(hyzCJaJhQ|=CJaJhQ|=5>*CJ OJQJ\hQ|=5>*CJ OJQJ\hQ|=hyzh gdQ|=EFGJKVWX[h"mhyzjh 6CJ$aJ$h2hV( 6CJ$aJ$ ,1h/ =!"#$% Dd ? 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