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      Nov 19, 2017
      Looking for Ways to Volunteer?
      Building God's Kingdom on Earth

      Nov 13, 2017
      The Turkey Race has begun!
      Which Mass will take home the 'PRIZE'?

      Nov 6, 2017
      New Driving in Cars With Catholics
      Check it out here!

      Nov 6, 2017
      Christmas Card Drive
      Southeastern Correctional Facility

      Oct 17, 2017
      Are You Looking for more Ways to Help?
      Volunteer Opportunities on Our Social Concerns Page

      Sep 20, 2017
      This is Relevant!
      Join our Young Adult Group

      Sep 15, 2017
      Seeking Middle School Coordinator
      Youth Ministry Job Posting

      Sep 1, 2017
      Have a Coffee at the Catholic C.A.F.E.
      Enrich Your Faith

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